Following A Keto Weight Loss Program


Starting your own keto weight loss program is going to involve several steps. First of all you want to keep a journal to keep track of your progress so that you know how well you are doing. If you want you can keep track on the phone or a computer if it makes it much easier for you. The point is you just want the information and for it to be convenient so that you remember to write all of that info down daily. When you are ready to start doing keto then weigh yourself to know what you are starting at. Think about what goal weight you might want to be at, or if that is important to you. Sometimes you might be improving your health but you won’t be losing pounds on the scale and if you go by only the scale then it can get discouraging for that reason it might be better to not focus so much on the numbers.

Want to start a keto weight loss program?

Still, for a general weight loss plan you want to know how much you are gaining or losing. For that reason you should be keeping track and you should write down what you are dealing with. Keep track and write down what you were starting with for weight on the day that you began the keto journey. Then you can check back every week or month and see how far you have come, decide if it is working for you or not. If it is not working for you then you can easily drop it and go try something else that might be more effective. But you cannot know until you try and you won’t be sure unless there are records and information detailing your success or the potential failure of following keto. Many people out there have already seen success with keto and it is something simple that you can do at home, make a few changes, which can bring some big results.

If you are interested in being keto then get yourself some keto strips to test and see if you have ketones flowing once you get off a great deal of carbs. You can pick those up at most pharmacy locations. They are very common strips to purchase, you can find them online as well for a decent price too if you want to order from there. Once you have the strips then maybe start planning out some keto meals. Try to keep your keto meals to 20 carbs or less, then you can be sure you will be in ketosis. You do not want to eat too many carbs because that will get you out of ketosis. Plan to eat a lot of healthy fats. If you are not sure what healthy fats are available then research so that you know all of your options. Do not forget to mix in some vegetables and fruits, you want to be well rounded. However, how you follow it is ultimately up to you to decide. Be sure to mind what your body is telling you, the symptoms or results you are getting, keep track of it all.

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