Calorie burning exercises quickly

Why Keto Is An Easy Weight Loss Program
Why Keto Is An Easy Weight Loss Program

Calorie burning depends on various factors, such as age, size, height, genders, lifestyle and general health in the article, you will find som of calories that you can burn through popular sports, such as running, swimming, rock climbing.

But the calorie-burning practice is what can be done regularly. There are many great reasons to motivate you to exercise. So that you can notice some results very quickly, like others it may take months until they get the same results. But one of the most important of these main goals for exercising regularly is burning calories and losing excess weight.

So what is the best way to do this?

Many experts suggest choosing a type of physical fitness that makes you feel happy while exercising, and this is enough to make you stimulate your subconscious to continue exercising this type of physical fitness regularly, as studies say.

Calories burned during exercise.

1- Hatha yoga:

183 kcal / hour 228 calories / hour.

Hatha yoga, a version of practice centered on specific situations and mental exercises, burns about 183 calories an hour.

2- Slow walking (2 mph):

204 calories / hour 255 calories / hour.

3- Bowling:

219 kcal / hour 273 kcal / hour

Bowling helps you burn a few hundred calories an hour.

4- Dancing:

219 kcal/hour 273 kcal/hour

5- Tai Chi:


Tai chi is an art of Chinese martial arts and a form of exercise that is often practiced with slow and deliberate movements.

6 rowing:

256 calories / hour 319 kcal / hour

7- Volleyball:

292 kcal / hour 364 calories / hour,

On the other hand, beach volleyball burns twice the calories.

8- Yoga:

Yoga burns 292 calories / hour 364 calories / hour.

9 Golf:

314 kcal / hour / 391 kcal / hour

The calories you expect to burn 200 pounds in an hour are approximately equal to the amount of time spent hiking or hiking.

10. Downhill skiing or snowboarding:

314 kcal / hour | 391 kcal / hour.

11- brisk walking (3.5 mph):

314 kcal / hour 391 kcal / hour

12- Low Impact Exercise:

365 calories/hour

Low-impact aerobics burn a large number of calories like the following set of activities on this list: moderate exercises on an oval machine, weight training, kayaking, softball, and baseball.

13 Running on the Oval:

365 calories/hour 455 calories

14- Resistance Training /Weight Lifting:

365 calories / hour 455 calories / hour

These exercises can be done in varying intensity, which means that the exact numbers will vary based on energy inputs, body type, gender age, and other factors. Plus, exercising alone does not do much to lose weight. If you want to lose weight, it is best to talk to a doctor about a healthy weight and lower sugar and large portions.

It is also impossible to include everything in this article – especially since some of the activities were not verified by the dataset used in this review. But in the following:

Some hard calorie numbers for some other way people like:

Season classes:

 Fixed bike fitness classes can expect to burn 500 to 700 calories in an hour.


 Pilates burn the number of calories like bowling or dancing – 219 calories per hour for a person weighing 160 pounds or 273 calories per hour for a person weighing 200 pounds.


A Zumba-funded study of young healthy women found that the 39-minute Zomba category burned approximately 360 calories on average.

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