What is the difference between Keto Diet and Atkins Diet?


The two famous terms Keto and Atkins are often believed to have equivalent meaning. But there are many differences between these two diets, so the true comparison between them may surprise you.

To highlight the differences between the two systems, let’s take a look at each diet separately, including pros and cons, and then decide which is better for you and why.

What is a Keto diet?

The ketogenic diet was first shown in 1924 by Dr. Russell Wilder, who worked at the famous Mayo Clinic. This diet was initially used to treat epilepsy.

The ketogenic diet relies on eating a large number of proteins and fats, and very few carbohydrates:

The amount of fat covers about 70-80% of the calories your body needs daily.

The protein amount covers 20-25% of your daily calories.

This specialization in fat intake forces your body to use ketones as an alternative energy source. Ketones are molecules naturally produced by the body that supply the body with energy and are available through fats and are more efficient than glucose, which is also an energy source.

When reducing or reducing the number of carbohydrates inside the body for an extended period, the liver converts stored fats into ketones, which can then be processed and converted into ATP molecules, which are the most energy molecules within cells.

This increase in the number of ketones inside the blood leads to a condition referred to as ketose or ketose, which is the main goal of following a ketogenic diet. Inside the energy source – ketones instead of glucose – which creates a beneficial ketogenic system.

What are the benefits of a ketogenic diet?

The ketogenic diet changes many health aspects of your life. Here are 9 scientifically-supported reasons for a ketose diet:

1. It makes metabolism more flexible

A traditional diet that only aims to lose weight, because it changes something essential in your body, which is the source of energy that your body’s cells work on.

Another diet, your cells use glucose molecules for energy. But in the ketogenic diet, glucose is replaced by ketones as a dangerous energy source.

This change makes metabolic processes (metabolic activity) more flexible, which means that the body can exchange energy sources (fats or carbohydrates) when needed and use them efficiently.

For people who have not tried a ketogenic diet, reducing the number of carbohydrates may cause unpleasant side effects such as: feeling low energy, headache and, bad mood.

The diet that has tried this diet in the past has a greater ability to adjust between fats and carbohydrates as an energy source without any side effects.

A ketogenic individual can continue his vacation, enjoy during the vacation eating foods containing carbohydrates for a few days, then return to ketosis within a day or less by stopping or reducing the intake of carbohydrates, which specialize in eating fats and fatty foods.

In the past, those who switched between relying on glucose and fats as an energy source by fasting in the absence of adequate food. where the body relies on ketones as an energy source in the case of fasting because glucose stores are implemented in the body which urges the body to search for other energy sources, which are ketones that Come from fat.

2. Stability of blood sugar levels

Instead of glucose as an energy source, keep the blood glucose level low and steady. For this reason, the ketogenic diet helps:

  • Reducing glucose levels.
  • Increased insulin sensitivity.
  • Preventing and reducing insulin resistance.

Insulin sensitivity is of great importance to our health, so the greater this sensitivity, the more your body is ready to deal with and handle carbohydrates, making the way to lose weight easier.

It is the precursor to type 2 diabetes, obesity and disease.

3. Stimulating the body to burn fat

The ketogenic diet is extremely effective in getting obviate fats because it restores the body’s enzymatic balance and causes it to burn fat rather than glucose for energy.

This means that the cells within the body will consume stored fats, so you’ll reduce faster and easier.

4. Accelerate the process of losing weight

Research considers that the keto diet is one of the most effective short and long term weight loss strategies.

Weight loss results can be seen in the first few months after following this diet, so it is ideal if you want to get quick results.

Do not worry about regaining weight after losing it, the ketogenic diet is characterized by ensuring that you do not regain weight again.

A recent review found that people who follow a ketogenic diet achieve greater weight loss in the long run, compared to people on a traditional low-fat diet.

Evidence indicates that even when the total number of calories is the same, the results of the keto diet outweigh the results of the diet that is characterized by eating low-fat meals.

5. Enhances the power to exercise

Bodybuilders who steel oneself against competitions, athletes and athletes prefer to follow the keto diet so as to get better results and performance.

Here are some performance benefits which will be obtained by following a ketogenic diet:

Ketones provide ATP molecules that give more energy than that produced by molecules of ATP glucose, so you’ll have more energy available to use while performing exercises.

The keto diet accelerates the method of burning fat while exercising. A study has found that the speed of burning fat within the muscles increased 20 times during exercise when those following the ketogenic diet.

Because your body uses fat and not glucose as an energy source, glucose reserves increase further, which reinforces the sensation of vitality.

Ketogenic diet works to enhance performance within the case of doing strenuous and endurance exercises, and it also promotes fat loss during resistance training.

Plus, once you follow the ketogenic system, you simply lose fat, not muscle. A recent study has shown that athletes managed to lose 2.6% of the accumulated fat within the body in only 6 weeks, while maintaining muscle mass and increasing their performance and activity during exercises.

6. Improves brain health

Since ketones are molecules that are ready to easily cross the barrier , the brain can efficiently use them for energy, this boosts mental performance and protects the systema nervosum from diseases like Alzheimer’s disease , paralysis agitans , epilepsy, and neurodegeneration.

Ketones can greatly enhance your psychological state and improve brain function, including:

  • Maintaining neurons and synapses, which improves memory, concentration, attention and learning.
  • Reducing the danger of Alzheimer’s disease .
  • Antidepressant and anxiety-reducing effects.
  • Improving cognition in people with dementia.

7. it’s going to increase your life

A ketogenic diet results in a group of changes that help to increase time period .

One of these changes is improving organic phenomenon . Ketones stimulate genes that fight oxidative stress and regulate metabolism that promotes longevity.

Another change is that the protection of mitochondria. During the ketones production process, many antioxidants are produced within the mitochondria that help protect against free radicals, thus protecting your cells from disease. this suggests that a ketogenic diet results in a robust antioxidant effect, which cannot happen when the body relies on glucose as an energy source.

This protection because of the antioxidants is extremely beneficial to the brain.

Some research has found that ketones prevent and reflect oxidative damage in neurons within the hippocampus and therefore the cerebral mantle , and that they also contribute to the effective maintenance of cognition and mental capabilities, and this improves quality of life considerably.

8. Improves heart function

A ketogenic diet is sweet for your heart. Ketones have antioxidant effects on the liner of blood vessels, and may promote blood circulation and improve the efficiency of heart function.

Studies when counting on ketones found that the efficiency of the work of the guts muscle increased by 30%, and blood flow increased by 75%.

9. Protection from diseases

Ketones have significant anti-oxidant and anti inflammatory effects, which may prevent the emergence and development of chronic and degenerative diseases such as:

  • Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Parkinson’s disease.
  • Cancer (especially brain, pancreas, and colon).
  • Huntington’s disease.
  • Type 2 diabetes.
  • Obesity.
  • Heart diseases.

This diet is particularly useful in fighting and preventing tumors, because cancer cells believe glucose to grow and multiply while ketones weaken their growth.

The difficult aspect of the ketogenic diet has got to do with observation, nutritional options, and physical conditioning initially .


At least initially, you ought to measure the amount of ketones within the blood or urine daily, ensuring that you simply are during a nutritional ketosis state (using ketones as an energy source).

The most accurate thanks to measure your ketones is by using blood countersheets, like the Precision Xtra Ketone Meter which can offer you the foremost accurate results, but these strips are a touch expensive and a few people have aversion to drawing blood from their finger.

The only good alternative to blood count strips is urinary ketone strips. It comes at reasonable prices and every one you would like to try to to is urinate on the tape.

Monitoring within the keto diet is more important compared to other diets, because you turn completely to employing a completely different energy source (ketones), and you’ll not get health benefits if you inadvertently return to using glucose as an energy source.

However, over time, you’ll know what foods and beverages keep you within the ketosis state and what gets you out of this condition. Once you recognize this and become wont to consuming fat, eating these foods becomes normal.

Food options

To get to the proper ketones levels you would like to try to to some calculations.

Just a low-carb diet isn’t enough, because your body needs a selected amount of fat (70-80% of daily calories) and a quantity of carbohydrates (5-10% of daily calories), and these percentages are often a challenge initially , Especially for those that try the keto diet for the primary time

However, these nutritional options become easy and intuitive as soon as a period of your time passes as you follow this diet.

Quito flu

A possible side effect after starting a ketogenic diet is keto flu. Since your body will believe fats rather than glucose, then you’ll have flu-like symptoms, including headaches, mental distraction, and body aches. But this doesn’t happen to all or any people, and sometimes when it does, it doesn’t last for quite a couple of weeks.

Fortunately, there’s how to completely avoid Quito Flu. you’ll take ketones from external sources to urge them directly without having to travel through a period of lipid adjustment. These ready-made ketones will work like ketones made up of the body and permit you to reap the advantages of a ketogenic diet from the primary day.

If you would like to urge to the ketosis stage faster, studies have found that mixing ready ketones with mct oil increases the ketones levels further.

The pros of the ketogenic diet

  • You are replacing the energy source of your body’s metabolism with a more efficient source of ketones.
  • Ketones have strong anti-oxidant and anti inflammatory effects and contribute to disease prevention.
  • Ketones provide more energy than glucose.
  • Ketogenic diets help to burn and lose fat efficiently while maintaining muscle mass.
  • Ketones improve athletes’ performance, especially during exercise and endurance exercises.
  • Ketones improve mental performance and protect your brain from neurodegeneration.
  • This diet can increase time period and improve quality of life.
  • The keto diet keeps blood glucose in check .
  • This diet becomes more efficient and easier to follow as you gain more knowledge and confidence.
  • Scientific evidence indicates other benefits of Keto Diet, through its positive effects for treating diseases, improving performance, and promoting overall health.

Ketogenic eating habits

  • A low-carb diet can make you feel somewhat uncomfortable, especially at first. You should closely monitor your food and measure the amount of ketones.
  • There is a possibility that you may suffer from what is known as “keto flu” if you do not take ketones from an external source. Measuring ketones in the blood can be costly.

the Atkins diet

Now that we’ve talked intimately about the ketogenic diet, allow us to know the explanation for the fuss over Atkins diet?

The Atkins Diet appeared and spread within the media within the early 2000s, prompting both men and ladies to follow a low-carb diet for fat loss alleged to help them improve health easily and quickly.

This diet has been suggested by Dr. Robert Coleman Atkins, an American doctor specializing in heart condition . In 1963, this doctor discovered that limiting your intake of carbohydrates helps you reduce without feeling hungry, and he continues to publish his conclusions and advice on this diet within the famous book “Atkins – The Diet Revolution”.

is split into two types:

during which carbohydrate intake should be limited, and is meant for people that want to lose quite 40 pounds.

The modified Atkins Diet called the “Atkins 40 Diet”, during which few carbohydrates are allowed, is meant for people that want to lose but 40 pounds.

Benefits of the Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet is one among the foremost popular diets that claim that you simply can lose fat quickly by eating an outsized amount of proteins and fats and avoiding foods rich in carbohydrates. Supporters claim that this diet has proven effective in additional than 80 clinical studies.

The mechanism of labor during this diet causes you to reduce because it limits the quantity of carbohydrates, which makes your body burn fat, so you’ll lose fat quickly.

However, these benefits are short-lived. After counting on fat burning as an energy source, you’ll return to counting on carbohydrates again.

is split into 4 stages:

  • The first stage: the amount of carbohydrates is very low (20-25 grams of carbohydrates / day). Weight loss occurs because the body burns fat. Note that the amount of carbohydrates allowed per day is the same within the ketogenic diet.

  • The second stage: moderate carbohydrates (25-50 grams of carbohydrates per day). Currently, everyone is in a position to limit the amount of carbohydrates they can tolerate during weight loss. This amount of carbohydrates will make some (but not all) people return to burning glucose.
  • The third stage: increase the amount of carbohydrates (50-80 grams of carbohydrates / day). The goal is to prevent weight loss once you reach your “ideal” weight. When eating this amount of carbohydrates, most people will return to burning glucose.

  • Stage 4: This is often the last stage and is important for regaining your abilities after losing weight.

You will see, the gradual increase in the amount of carbohydrates means that you will move to a dependence mode on burning fat for a short period of your time and then you will maintain your ideal weight through carbohydrates.

Negatives appear on the Atkins diet

an attempt to reduce within the short term, not a life-style , so your chances of creating long-term changes are minimal.

Re-entering carbohydrates after a period of weight loss increases the likelihood of gaining weight again. This approach also emphasizes that losing weight requires several health measures.

the recognition of the Atkins diet has diminished tons after reports that a lot of people that followed this diet were getting sick and gaining weight within the end of the day .

There was great encouragement to follow the Atkins diet because you’ll eat whatever you would like and for as long as you are doing not eat foods that contain carbohydrates.

This results in excessive consumption of massive amounts of bad food, which results in health problems.

Conclusion and comparison between the Keto Diet and therefore the Atkins diet.

The advantages of the Atkins diet

  • It’s easy to follow this diet because you’ll eat additional carbohydrates in later stages.
  • Rapid loss of fat within the early stages.
  • Reduces hunger and cravings.

Atkins Diet Cons

  • The possibility of regaining weight again.
  • It has no benefits that include improving mental or physical performance.
  • It doesn’t help make your metabolism simpler .

A comparison of the keto diet and therefore the Atkins diet

Keto Diet may be a lifestyle that changes the metabolic energy source within the body, and has many health benefits like – but not limited to – weight loss. While the Atkins diet may be a short-term weight loss plan.

The Atkins diet is analogous to the Keto diet only within the first stage, where an individual follows a diet in nutritional proportions almost like the proportions within the ketogenic diet.

In this first stage, the quantity of carbohydrates is restricted to about 20-25 grams per day, which results in fat burning within the body rather than using glycogen (glucose stores) as an energy source.

In a ketogenic diet, an individual who consumes 2,500 calories each day consumes about 30 grams of carbohydrates. After this first stage, the 2 diets begin to differ.

While the ketogenic diet always remains an equivalent , the Atkins diet allows the people that follow it to eat more carbohydrates (albeit in very limited quantities) once the primary stage is over.

In the second, third and fourth stages of the Atkins diet, people eat 25 to 100 grams of carbs each day , causing them to gradually return to their glucose dependence mode.

In a ketogenic diet, most calories must come from fat (about 80%) so as for the body to supply ketones. As for the Atkins diet, it doesn’t matter if you eat more protein or fat. the first outcomes that include weight loss for those that follow the Atkins diet are clear, but they’re unlikely to continue.

Those who follow a ketogenic diet can reap its benefits, which include weight loss additionally to the health benefits that result from the body’s dependence on ketones indefinitely, and are likely to take care of their weight after losing it.

Keto Diet or Atkins Diet – Which is Better?

At first glance, the Keto and Atkins diet seem very similar, as both diets specialise in reducing the quantity of carbohydrates, which is why people think the 2 diets are quite similar. But as you now know, there are major differences in approach and outcomes for every .

A ketogenic diet is an accurate thanks to change your metabolism and therefore the source your body uses for energy.

Although you would like to eat foods that increase ketone levels, you’re liberal to take nutritional supplements that make this process easier and faster.

While it is easy to follow the Atkins diet, it doesn’t guarantee long-term weight loss and doesn’t provide an equivalent health benefits. It are often obtained by following the ketogenic diet.

So, if you’re wondering what to follow (the Keto diet or the Atkins diet), it’s clear that the Keto diet offers long-term health benefits that include weight loss quickly and effectively.

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