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Pregnancy and postpartum diet plan


The pre-pregnancy stage is one of the most important stages in preparing the body for reception of the fetus. If you have a deficiency in any of the vitamins or essential nutrients, your child will inevitably be affected. If you suffer from obesity or severe weight loss before pregnancy, you should develop a healthy diet for yourself with the help of your doctor, so it is necessary to educate about nutrition during pregnancy.

The importance of nutrition during pregnancy.

Every pregnant woman, when she publishes the news of her pregnancy to the family, the first sentence that she hears: “You must now eat for you and the fetus.” But this statement is wrong, because the rate of increased calories during pregnancy does not exceed 300 calories, and this after the third month. Nutrition experts say about the health of the mother during pregnancy, there are many foods that cause weight gain in pregnant women, and this increase is due to two reasons:

Natural cause for weight gain during pregnancy: It is possible to increase body weight, and this is a natural cause and occurs for all women, resulting in the following things:

  • Eat a lot of foods and juices, gain a lot of calories, and at the same time, limit movement and not do any kind of exercise to help burn fat.
  • Increased uterine muscle during pregnancy, as the uterine muscle grows and increases in size and reaches about 900 grams.
  • The size of the breast increases as a result of the milk flowing into it, which makes the pregnant woman gain more weight, as she weighs about 400 grams.
  • During pregnancy, the pregnant body acquires a lot of fat, about 4 kilograms, because the body considers fat to be an energy source.
  • Increase the amount of fluid in the body of a pregnant woman, which makes the general weight only about 2 kg more to increase fluid in the body, such as blood.

Abnormal reason for weight gain during pregnancy: An abnormal increase may occur in the body of a pregnant woman, and this is often due to some pathological symptoms, as follows:

  • Pregnancy diabetes.
  • Endocrine strike.
  • High calorie food consumption.

With the availability of these natural and pathological causes to increase the weight of a pregnant woman, the main reason was that prompted doctors to provide solutions and some alternatives to the pregnant woman losing weight and to preserve the graceful, graceful appearance after her femininity. Good nutrition must be provided during pregnancy.

If you suffer from the pathogens we mentioned, please visit your doctor and follow up with the doctor directly.


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What foods should a pregnant woman give up?

  • There is a host of nutritional matters for pregnant mothers, including stopping many unhealthy habits in pregnancy, which dietitians prohibit, as follows.
  • Pregnant women should not repeat carbohydrates because they cause obesity, such as bread, pasta, rice and potatoes, to stop eating cakes and biscuits.
  • Avoid excessive salinity, stored foods, pickles, sardines, salted and meat, as it affects blood pressure and stores water in the body, which affects the weight of the mother and fetus alike.
  • Reducing the largest possible amount of fatty substances, it is recommended that a pregnant woman resort to cooking with corn oil, and to refrain from ghee, butter, cream and cream; because saturated fatty substances give many calories; which makes the pregnant woman gain weight and accumulate fat, which makes it difficult for her Weight loss after birth.
  • Reducing processed sugars and sweets, because they contain many calories, and replacing honey as a store of sugary drinks.
  • Refrain from soft drinks and juices sweetened industrially in general, because they prevent the absorption of calcium and vitamin «D» that causes weak bones and deformations in the skeleton of the fetus as well as weight gain.

What are the main vitamins that we should take during pregnancy?

Dietary supplements made for pregnant women contain a large group of vitamins and minerals. Among the most important of these vitamins is folic acid, which protects the child from birth defects affecting the brain and spinal cord and for its importance. It is recommended to take it before pregnancy and when planning pregnancy, and continues to take it for 12 weeks after pregnancy,

It should be noted that a woman who is pregnant with a child with birth defects may also benefit from folic acid as well, after consulting a doctor to determine the appropriate dose, and pregnant women are advised to obtain a type of dietary supplement containing the following vitamins and minerals:

  1. Folic acid in a dose of 400 micrograms.
  2. Vitamin D at a dose of 400 IU.
  3. Vitamin C at a dose of 70 mg.
  4. Vitamin B1 at a dose of 3 milligrams.
  5. Vitamin B2 at a dose of 2 mg.
  6. Vitamin B3 at a dose of 20 mg.
  7. Vitamin B12 at a dose of 6 small grams.
  8. Vitamin E at a dose of 10 milligrams.
  9. Calcium in a dose of 200-300 mg.
  10. Zinc at a dose of 15 mg.
  11. Iron in a dose of 17 mg.
  12. Iodine at a dose of 150 Ram.

Diet for pregnant women to lose weight quickly


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Madam, you now have a clear idea of some pregnancy related issues that you may not have known. Now we can put in your hands two diets to get rid of unwanted extra weight.

The first diet to lose weight in pregnant women

First day:

  • Breakfast: 1 cup orange juice + 5 tablespoons of cheese + half a loaf of bread.
  • Lunch: vegetable dish + 2 grilled steak.
  • Dinner: slice of bread + yogurt.

the second day:

  • Breakfast: 5 tablespoons of beans + 1 cup of skim milk + 2 toast slices.
  • Lunch: vegetable dish + 2 grilled fish + 5 tablespoons of rice.
  • Dinner: boiled eggs + loaf of bread + a cup of orange juice.

the third day:

  • Breakfast: boiled eggs + half a loaf of bread + a cup of apple juice.
  • Lunch: bean vegetable dish + half chicken without skin + vegetable salad dish.
  • Dinner: 5 tablespoons of cheese + half a loaf of local bread + a cup of skim milk.

The second diet for weight loss for pregnant women.

Have a snack when you wake up

A cup of low-fat milk + two pieces of bran cakes.


  • A quarter of brown bread, brown toast, half a samoli brown bread, or half a cup of corn flakes.
  • Low-fat white cheese or cheddar cheese slice, two tablespoons of liquid cheese, or two units of low-fat triangle cheese, boiled egg or 3 tablespoons of large beans.
  • Half a cup of fresh juice or a grain of fruit as desired.


  • 1 fruit or half a cup of fresh juice.
  •  3 bran biscuits.


  • A cup of vegetables in the steam or oven (except for potatoes) + 2 teaspoons of olive oil.
  • Three quarters of the brown brown bread, or 8 tablespoons of rice, pasta, gravel, or boiled cereal.
  • 90 grams, the size of a palm, meat, fish, or chicken (grilled, boiled, oven, or steam).
  • A large dish of green salad.
  • Two fresh fruits or a cup of fresh juice.


  • A quarter cup mixed nuts + 3 dates.


  • Slice of toast or quarter of a loaf of bread + 1 large cup of milk or a slice of low-fat cheese + a small dish of green salad.

Have a snack before bed

  • A cup of milk or low-fat milk + a grain of fruit.

When feeling hungry, it is recommended to eat bran biscuits, fruits, lettuce and cucumbers.

Important notes to note

  • The above three meals can be added to two snacks daily.
  • Make sure to drink at least a liter and a half of water, and walk for half an hour in the case of a normal pregnancy.
  • Take the vitamin and mineral supplements we mentioned in the previous paragraph.
  • Before starting a pregnant diet, you should consult your doctor.
  • A pregnant woman should drink water daily.
  • It is necessary to eat fresh fruit daily within reasonable limits, especially those that contain iron.
  • The need to eat three meals a day on the same date without delay, taking care to eat breakfast because it increases the rate of calories burned.
  • Use the stairs instead of lifts while climbing stairs.
  • Use pots and small plates when eating, which reduces the amount of food.